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Recruitment Process

  1. Apply online
  • Tailor your CV to highlight the skills and experience relevant to the position advertised
  • Submit a cover letter, CV and you must complete the application form.
  1. Acknowledgement of application
  • Shortlisting process
  • This process may take up to two weeks. We will advise you if this timeline changes.
  1. Interview process
  • You will be contacted directly at your most preferred contacts. Please ensure you are reachable.
  1. Preferred candidate
  • Reference checks conducted - please provide two recent referees (preferably a manager, team leader, supervisor who will be able to respond to relevant questions to help us determine your ability to do the job.
  • Offer proposed
  • Offer is made

Contact us at recruitment@weltec.ac.nz or 04 8300727 if you have any questions.

Eligibility to work in NZ

All applicants must either have:

  • A valid working permit to work in NZ – please provide proof. Students on a Working Visa - please check the conditions of your working visa before applying.
  • Permanent residency or
  • NZ Citizenship 

Helpful tips

Your CV

Your CV is very important - it's our first impression of you. It should highlight the skills and experience you've gained throughout your career to date.

Here are some tips:

  • Compile your CV in reverse order (showing your most recent experience first)
  • Show the month and year you commenced each position
  • If there are any gaps in your employment explain these
  • As well as responsibilities, list your achievements in a position
  • Keep it concise
  • Check and double check your spelling and grammar
  • Highlight in a covering letter why you believe your skills meet the requirements of the position

Useful tips for applying for positions

You are more likely to be successful in the recruitment process if you think carefully about and tell us how you fit the position you are applying for, i.e. in your covering letter.
We recommend you only apply for targeted positions for which you have suitable skills and experience - applying for multiple positions can damage your credibility.


If you have the relevant skills, experience and atttributes we're looking for in a role, then we would be keen to meet with you and get to know you better and for you to get to know us. We will be in touch with you to arrange an interview.

Our interview style is based on getting to know you better in terms of your relevant skills and experience as well as your personality. Some of the questions will be behavioural as wed like to know how you've dealt and handled various situations relevant to the role.

Preparing for the interview

1) practice makes perfect - google or research some interview questions and look for the ones relevan to the job you are being interviewed for

2) practice behavioural questions as you will be asked some of these questions  e.g.

  • describe a situation where you had to demonstrate leadership, deal with a conflict or a difficult person
  • tell us about a time  where you took the lead in a situation and got everyone on board etc

3) read the job ad and position description as it will give you an idea of the questions they might ask you e.g:

  • if you'e applying for a tutor role they are likely to ask you about relevant experience and qualifications, dealing with people (good and bad), team player questions, key stakeholders, conflict etc
  • if you're applying for an administration/support role- they might focus on your customer service, people skills, working under pressure, techincal skills, time management.