Press Release 20 October 2016

Students from the Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec) Bachelor of Creative Technologies degree and Graduate Diploma in Creative Technologies are proud to invite you to the culmination of their academic study showcased in their end of year graduate exhibition.  The best of student work will be on show from a range of creative technology disciplines including Visual Arts, Film, Animation, Graphic Design, Photography and Interdisciplinary Practice.

 Exhibition Title: Collidescope 2016


Media are invited to the Exhibition Preview at 4pm Friday 21 October
Opening ceremony starts at 6pm
Exhibition Runs from 21 October to 30 October 2016

Where New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Shed 11, Queens Wharf, Wellington  
Who:        33 graduating students from the Bachelor of Creative Technologies degree and the Graduate Diploma in Creative Technologies.
Website: View student work at:




Image: Bigger than us

Artist: Emily Marshall

Media: Mixed Media on MDF





Bigger than us
Mixed Media on MDF

Bigger than us references satellite technology as iconic imagery. My concern is about a polluted planet and our diminished place on Earth.  View Emily’s work here.

Digital Media

This game is a hyper competitive example of defence, made in collaboration with Theo Baynton, Rhys Clapcott and Andre McGrail.  View here.

Improbable Cities
Bituminous Paper

In response to passages from Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’ I use paper-cutting as a means to craft improbable scenes from my imagination.  View Kate’s work here.

Chennai Land of the Tamilians
Virtual Reality/VR Headset

Take a tour of “Chennai” in 500 BC. See the ancient capital of the Tamilians’ in virtual reality here.

Xiang and the Snake
Stop-motion Animation

The legend of ‘Xiang and the Snake’ references an ancient anti-hero and his greedy obsession with treasure. View Sherry’s Stop Motion.

Chinese Idiom: The Frog in the Well
Digital/Motion Graphics

My animation is a visual reinterpretation of a Chinese idiom story I listened to as a child.  View a taster here.