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Inderjit Singh

"I am studying the City and Guilds Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts at WelTec. I am really pleased that I choose this course because it requires a lot of practical work rather than studying from a text book. This makes the programme interesting and relevant to working in a real industrial kitchen. We have a Bistro so that we experience what it is like to work in a restaurant."

"The tutors speak slowly and clearly and use videos which help us to learn visually. Whenever we have a problem the tutors are always available to meet us and help solve our problems. The tutors helped me find work experience and guided me with my assignments.

Students who have problems with study can join a special programme called PEP (Personal Education Plan). They help us in our study. This is a free and confidential service.

There is a gym available for the students on campus at a very low price. There are fitness instructors available to help us. The equipment is very new.

The International Student Advisor treats us like we are part of her family when we are away from home. Even if we have personal problems we feel that we can share with her and she helps us with finding the right way. When I first arrived in New Zealand she organised a homestay for me with a kiwi family and I learned all about kiwi culture, style of living and about different foods. Living with a kiwi family was a great help when I first arrived from India. They showed me around Wellington.

The first thing I noticed about Wellington when I arrived was the beautiful beach. It is just a two minute walking distance from the campus.

Wellington is a very green, natural place. The air is very healthy, the water is very clean and I feel more healthy living here.

I visited the Te Papa Museum where they show all the history of New Zealand and culture.

Near the campus there are lots of Indian restaurants for us to be able to still eat the Indian food, using all traditional Indian recipes.

The weather is very pleasant especially for those people who don't want to live in really hot temperatures. I love the rain."

Inderjit Singh
City and Guilds Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts