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Phan Hoai Anh

"I like to study at WelTec because it has a lot of special programmes for international students. The tutors are very approachable and friendly. I just feel as though I am studying in my own country."

"My course involves lots of practical work which will be very helpful for me later on. After I finish this course I am going to study the Bachelor of Interior Design at WelTec.

Wellington is a very safe city, there are lots of cafes and restaurants here and everyone is friendly. The food is wonderful you have a chance to try many many different tastes of foods from other countries. I have made a lot of nice friends here. I often play soccer in a Vietnamese soccer team in the weekends. I live in an apartment and my flat mates come from other Asian countries, so we understand each others cultures.

Coming to study in New Zealand has helped me understand people from a lot of different cultures."

Phan Hoai Anh
Certificate in Digital Media