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Media Release: 17 November 2014

1 December 2pm until 8pm

C Block Foyer, Kensington Avenue Petone

Enjoy an afternoon and evening listening and chatting to our Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Mechanical, Civil and Electrical) students as they showcase their end-of year-projects, and address real-world engineering challenges.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for those in the industry to meet prospective employees.

Final Year Engineering Degree Projects 2014

Civil Major

  • Environmental Control Aspects of Landfill Sediment - Andrew Owen
  • Improving Kenepuru Stream - Oscar Bupha-Intr
  • Kaitoke Water Intake Development – Nicolas De Vos
  • Okawai Lagoon Odour Mitigation – Lochie Mackenzie
  • Stormwater and Surface Runoff Controls from a Surfaced Catchment – Rachel Harrison
  • Victoria Flats Landfill Gas Collection and Destruction – Phineas Burke
  • Effect of Road Surface Texture on Rainwater Flow – Tapiwa Mbona

Electrical Major

  • Battery Level Monitor and Charge Control – Jono Daly
  • Brewery Automation Project – Brendon Clarke
  • Data Logging System for Monitoring Diesel Engine Parameters - Tamil Parasuraman
  • Diesel Engine ECU – Darryl Davidson
  • GES High Speed Synchroniser – Chris Payne
  • Monitor Driver Project – George Francis
  • Universal LED Route Indicator – Ashley Archibald

  • Data Logging System for Monitoring Diesel Engine Parameters – Tamil Parasuraman

Mechanical Major

  • Intake Duct Airflow Optimisation – Luke Ballin
  • Hydrogen Gas Hob – Dylan Williams
  • Running On Time – Manjot Singh
  • The Macerator – Trent Lett
  • Tipper Truck Body Design Optimization – Sonu Lochab
  • Two Speed Transmission– Shaun Wallace
  • Barnacle Buster – Steve Halliday
  • Prototype Wind Turbine Testing – David Neal
  • Column Corner Grinder – Amrit Darshan Singh

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