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Wellington Region - VEX Robotics

Vex Robotics Strategy Night

If you want to start or grow your own Vex Robotics club, come and join us on Wednesday 8 June. Kiwibots will be providing advice on growing your Vex Robotics club. Perfect for Vex Robotic enthusiasts, teachers, parents or school leaders.
Kiwibots will discuss:
  • technology
  • how to get gear
  • the support available to you
  • fundraising
  • what’s happening across New Zealand
Wednesday 8 June, 5 to 8pm
WelTec Engineering School
N Block
65 Cuba Street
Free parking available in front of the school on Cuba Street.
If you have a question or would like to confirm your interest please email us at vexrobotics@weltec.ac.nz


Regular Build Nights - Every Thursday from 4pm, N Block, Petone Campus

VEX Robotics in Wellington

WelTec, Futureintech and Kiwibots have joined forces to bring the exciting world of VEX Robotics to secondary schools in the greater Wellington region. Students are able to engage with each other and their robots in a supportive and fun filled environment.

WelTec provides the facilities at its Petone campus for VEX so students can regularly test their robots in build nights and scrimmages with other students. WelTec electrical and mechanical engineering staff and engineering students are available to provide advice and support to schools with their VEX robot projects.

WelTec students and Futureintech ambassadors can also offer some mentoring and provide insight and support to school pupils that have an interest in pursuing engineering as a career path.

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Robotics CompetitionWhat is VEX Robotics?

The VEX Robotics Competition is the world's fastest growing robotics competition with over 7,000 teams in 25+ countries. A VEX competition is an event where robots play against each other in a match of skill. The robots do not damage each other.

The aim of the competition is to "inspire a passion for science and technology" by having teams of school aged participants develop, over a period of time, their robots to the best of their ability and then have those robots tested on a "field of dreams".

As with any sport, the competition is intense and the teams take it very seriously whilst never losing sight of the fact that technology is fun.

One of the greatest things about VEX is that whilst participants are having fun, they are developing knowledge and skills which are proven to help them perform better in higher education and employment later in life.

The aim of VEX Robotics is that teams are given the chance to build robots that suit the game and compete at local 'scrimmages' to test their robot developments against other teams.

In New Zealand, we have two VEX competitions that teams can participate in each year. For details click here.

For the most comprehensive information on all aspects of VEX Robotics throughout New Zealand, check out www.vexrobotics.co.nz

Is VEX Robotics for you?

VEX includes multiple disciplines - STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in a fun and engaging way so students may not even realize that it could potentially lead them into a rewarding engineering, science or technology career path.

>If you are a student from middle school year 7 - 9 and high school year 10 – 13 interested in the workings of anything mechanical and electrical, and would like to get together with other teams to build and develop robots to compete in scrimmages and national and international competitions, then this is for you.

Currently there are a few Wellington schools involved in VEX and we would like to increase this number to as many as possible.

WelTec engineering staff, students and Futureintech ambassadors will provide expertise and support to teams that come along to scrimmages to be held at WelTec’s Petone campus on a Engineering Club afternoons.

How do I get started?

WelTec is offering a venue, expertise and supporting environment to mentor teams, schools and students in VEX Robotics. A regular build night runs at WelTec every Thursday 4pm at N Block and we invite anyone interested in VEX to use and test their robots out at these Build Nights.

It does not matter whether you are new to VEX or not, build nights and scrimmages are the place to be and to see what other teams are up to.

You will still need to register a team, or school through Vex if you want to take part in competitions. This can be done at www.vexrobotics.co.nz

How do I book the VEX field?

Any teams wanting to book the use of the Vex field at WelTec Petone Campus can do so by emailing Malcolm Fair, malcolm.fair@weltec.ac.nz with your details and times of use.

You are welcome to relocate the field elsewhere if necessary for a specific use or event. The field must be returned immediately after use.

Please refer to the terms and conditions and the use of the field before booking.

Key VEX Robotics dates

  • VEX Build Nights
    VEX Build Evenings: every Thursday from 4pm - 6pm @ Petone campus, N Block

Click here for the Vex Robotics terms and conditions.