The Ceremony will take approximately two hours. As a sign of respect for those graduating, please make sure that you and your guests remain seated until the end of the Ceremony.

Please note there will not be a procession at this graduation.

Order of Ceremony

  • Powhiri
  • Procession
    Guests stand as the official party, academic staff and graduands enter the auditorium
  • Mihi Whakatau and Karakia
  • Himene
  • Welcome and Address
  • Guest Speaker
  • Conferment of Qualifications
  • Reply of thanks on behalf of students
  • Closure
  • Karakia Whakamutunga
  • Conclusion
  • Guests stand as the graduates, academic staff and official party leave the auditorium


Following the Ceremony, light refreshments will be served to you and your guests.

Procedure for Conferment of Qualifications

  • Programme cohorts line up near the stage in alphabetical order
  • When it is your turn, you will be announced by your full name as it appears on official WelTec and Whitireia documents
  • Walk across the stage to have your qualification conferred
  • If you are receiving a Degree, the ceremonial trencher will be held over your head and you will be instructed to put your trencher on your head.  A photograph will then be taken.
  • Walk across the stage to your academic/programme leader who will hand you your qualification
  • Leave the stage and return to your seat