Student Counselling Service

Free counselling is available to all students.

Piki is a free service for 18-25's to support those with mental distress. Students (18-25) can self-refer through the Piki website.  If you require assistance with the referral process, please contact or call 0800 141121.

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Our student counselling services for all students are provided by Vitae, a team of independent counsellors located throughout New Zealand. We can support you in accessing these services, or you can self-refer – students are entitled to three free sessions. This service is available in an emergency – you can ring them at any time of the day or night.

WelTec student Online Self-Referral Form and Whitireia student Online Self-Referral Form

0508 664 981 (freephone, available 24/7)

WelTec Counselling Service

Whitireia Counselling Service

Wellbeing support advice 

Physical health 

• Eat healthily and often

• Stay hydrated for energy and mental clarity

• Exercise as often as possible

• Try to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep 

How to stay focused

• Set goals; start small, set goals that are measurable and easy to achieve

• Identify any long term goals you wish to work towards 

• Visually display your long term goals and your motivation for achieving them 

• Where possible set up a study space away from distractions 


• Set aside time for yourself

• Find activities that you enjoy, this will help you to de-stress

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