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Following his career as a professional weightlifter and representative for New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games, Phil turned his attention to tutoring Exercise Science at WelTec; a role he’s been excelling in for over twelve years.

Phil teaches a range of courses in the Certificate and Diploma in Exercise Science, focusing on Exercise Therapy, Professional Practice in the Fitness Industry, Sport Psychology, Special Populations, Personal Training and Weight Training.

Having had a substantial career in the fitness industry (as both an athlete and a trainer), Phil enjoys teaching because he likes “seeing people develop their knowledge, which results in increased opportunities and more self-confidence.”

Along with tutoring, Phil is also conducting a research project that aims to animate 3D anatomical models (bringing anatomical models to life and making them move). Starting with a trip to New York in 2016 to begin the project with the Academy of Art, Phil’s been working closely with the Creative department at WelTec, using photogrammetry to determine measurements of 3D models.

Phil has a Postgraduate Diploma in Rehab and a Masters in Health Science endorsed in rehabilitation (thesis topic: The Accuracy of Published Medical Research). He’s also completed Diplomas in Exercise Science and Massage Therapy.

In his youth, Phil enjoyed a highly successful Weightlifting career. In his weight grade, Phil won the New Zealand senior title three times, and picked up a bronze medal on three occasions at the Oceania Champs. In 1998 Phil represented New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, where he finished in sixth place. Phil is also the current national record holder of the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Combined records for his junior weight grade!

When asked what he enjoyed about weightlifting, he replied, “I enjoyed the strength side of it, as well as the speed and technical component. I also appreciated the psychological side of competing, and the internal challenge of attempting a weight you’ve never lifted before.”

Despite a few serious injuries along the way, Phil remains passionate about the sport. In 2017 Phil competed in the World Masters, finishing fourth in his weight/age division.

Phil still does a lot of gym work for general health and fitness, highlighting his passion for the fitness industry as both a lifestyle and a profession. “The fitness industry is a good one to work in because health is the underlying element; without health a person’s quality of life is badly compromised – regardless of their financial status.”

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