Learner Journey Review

Whitireia and WelTec are proposing to amalgamate some of the staff roles that provide our student services. This means that while we will continue to provide, largely, the same services that we do now, including health, library and other student support services, we may deliver some of these services in a slightly different way.

We are not proposing to cancel any services. Students of Whitireia and WelTec can be assured that we remain absolutely committed to continuing to provide student support to all of our students, across all of our campuses.

Chris Gosling, our Chief Executive is seeking feedback from staff. 

Background document:

Chris Gosling met with student representatives last week – and asked them to seek feedback from students on the proposals. You can read our correspondence here.


Q: What will and won’t change?
A: Under the proposal, the following student services and support areas are confirmed as continuing and are not impacted by the Review Proposal.

  • Engagement Advisors – Pasifika
  • Engagement Advisor – Māori
  • Ako Ake Cafe
  • Student Event Co-ordinator
  • Engagement Advisors – Mentoring
  • Engagement Advisors – Disability
  • Vitae Counselling Service
  • Physio service
  • Student Council
  • Student Advocates
  • LEAP Programme
  • Free Bus Services

The following services will also continue to be provided for students across Whitireia and WelTec, but may have reduced staffing or be amalgamated with other functions reflecting reduced student numbers and the other review factors outlined above: 

  • Careers Advisor
  • Student Voice and Advocacy
  • Engagement Advisor – Financial
  • Library and specialist library staff
  • Poutama/Learning Advisors
  • Health including nursing

Q: Are you proposing to cancel any services for students?
A: No. We are proposing to reduce the scale of some services and support offered, and review the ways we deliver these, to reflect the smaller number of students enrolled across our two institutes and operate within our financial means.

Q: Are you proposing to close the health centre at Porirua?
A: We are committed to continuing to deliver student services for all our students across our campuses including our Porirua campus. At our other campuses – Petone, Auckland and our city campuses – we currently provide student health and support services through a mixture of on-campus support staff (e.g. mentoring and disability engagement advisors) and contracted health providers (e.g. to provide flu injections). We are proposing to run this model in Porirua and will also put in place a programme of wellness activities throughout the year, along with a referral system for students at all campuses.

Q: What’s proposed to change for the library?
A: We are proposing to reduce the number of staff in our library due to a range of factors including:

  • continued falling student enrolments – so fewer students needing to access library services
  • the changing study needs of students, who spend far more time online and therefore less time in the library space
  • reduced workload due to the closure of our Kāpiti campus at the end of 2018, and the Auckland campus managing their own library services.

In addition, we are proposing to broaden the existing librarian roles so they become part of the “first responders” team of staff, working more closely with Learner Advisors, providing a first point of contact for our students within the Learning Commons and Learner Hubs across our campuses.