E Tū Ma Tātou

Whitireia and WelTec are undertaking a joint change programme E Tū Ma Tātou – Our People. Our Challenges. Our Future. – to strengthen the provision of quality vocational education and training across the Wellington region and restore our financial position.

This change programme has been underway since November 2018. It entails several initiatives:

  1. Looking at how we can be more efficient, and reduce costs, to ensure we are sustainable, viable institutes that deliver vocational education and training to our communities over the long-term.
  2. Simplifying how we work to reduce the duplication that exists between our two institutes. Originally this comprised a proposal to merge our two institutes, however this has ceased following a decision from the Minister of Education on his proposed sector reforms.
  3. Readying ourselves for the future of vocational education as envisaged by the Government’s Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE).

Since November 2018, we have made significant progress towards ensuring Whitireia and WelTec are strong, sustainable institutes.

Recently we reviewed the portfolio of programmes we offer. We’re also continuing to explore how we can deliver our programmes in a more flexible way to enable students to study after work more easily.

We have also continued to look at how we can be more efficient and effective across our two institutes, including reviewing our staffing and use of buildings.

Our portfolio of programmes

We’re excited to be offering a strong, sustainable portfolio of programmes and majors for 2020 that reflects student demand and industry need. Students and their families can be confident that they continue to have access to a broad range of programmes ranging from entry-level to post-graduate, across IT, Engineering, Business, Health, Hospitality, Construction, Creative and Social Sciences.

 Our 2020 portfolio includes a number of exciting new programmes, including a new Bachelor of Applied Business and Management; Bachelor of IT; Bachelor of Counselling and Addictions Practice; and we are developing a Diploma in Youth Work.

To ensure our programmes reflect best practice, some qualifications will be replaced with new programmes. And, as we do every year, there are some that won’t be offered for new enrolments.

Consultation with staff

We have made a series of changes over the past 18 months to be more efficient and effective in how we work including reviewing our resourcing. These changes are an important part of ensuring we are viable, sustainable institutes.

We are funded on the number of students we teach. With fewer students, we have reviewed and reduced our staffing to make sure we’re the appropriate size, while still maintaining the high quality of programmes that we offer. Read our media release.

All existing students will be able to finish their current courses.

How our change programme aligns with RoVE

One of the objectives of the Government’s reform is to create a strong and sustainable vocational education sector. It is essential that we return our institutes to a strong financial position so we can transition effectively into the new Institute while also ensuring we deliver quality vocational education and training that meets the needs of our students, industry and communities. The Minister has reiterated that this must be a priority for us. 

How our change programme has evolved

Originally our change programme included a proposal to merge our two institutes. Shortly after the Minister released his Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) proposals, the Minister advised that while there was a clear rationale for Whitireia and WelTec merging, given his proposed reforms, it was not in the best interests of the tertiary education system to progress with a merger. We support the Minister’s decision to not proceed with the merger. The scale of reform he is contemplating is far more significant than we anticipated when we submitted our business case for merging our two institutes.

Background documents

The following documents were prepared to support our efforts to engage with staff, students and stakeholders about the scope of E Tū Ma Tātou, including the proposal to merge. These documents are provided for transparency.

Read the Overview of E Tū Ma Tātou (published November 2018)

Read the Summary of Feedback on our proposal to merge (published December 2018)

Read the Minister’s letter declining the proposal to merge (published March 2019)

Read our response to the Minister’s decision on merger 


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