Engineering Degree Apprenticeship

This project is a government-industry-tertiary provider partnership, the purpose of which is to work collaboratively to create a degree apprenticeship in asset management.

 Engineering degree apprentice flow chart

To this end, an MoU has been signed between IPWEA and Wellington Institute of Technology and Otago Polytechnic.

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Occupational Profile

An infrastructure asset management technologist is responsible for supporting implementation and maintenance of core infrastructure assets, relating to water, transportation and electrical distribution. They ensure that these assets are operating in accordance with NZ Law and associated Acts and maintain high levels of performance for their users. They create a detailed analysis of sub-systems and make recommendations for improvement. They optimise technology to use to anticipate and meet stakeholder’s needs, problem-solve current problems and future-proof the resilience of assets.

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The curriculum development process

Developing an industry-sponsored Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree in asset management 

The curriculum development process was divided into three separate phases, as shown in the diagram below:

Phases Engineering Apprenticeship Degree 

Briefly, phase 1 involved the identification of a suitable occupation as a foundation for a new degree apprenticeship. This was followed by the identification of key outcomes (behaviours, skills and knowledge) with the help of an industry reference group. Asset management was chosen as it is a critical occupation in New Zealand and draws on a wide range of engineering skills and knowledge. From this, a degree standard was developed that was used to guide the rest of the curriculum development.

In phase 2, the degree standard was used to develop an End Point Assessment plan. From this the current Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree was aligned with the outcomes identified in the degree standard, leading to the development of courses. In the final part of phase 2, courses were integrated into industry projects, leading to the final apprenticeship degree. More information

Phase 3 is the piloting of this degree in industry hubs that are centred on two polytechnics, WelTec and Otago Polytechnic. This is expected to take at least three years as the curriculum is refined.


What is a degree apprenticeship?

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