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Hub concept

It is proposed that delivery of the degree apprenticeship will be through employment hubs that are designed to reflect the industry in a particular area and that can offer complementary experience for sponsored students.

Many employers cannot offer the same breadth of experience (from macro planning to design to manufacture). A group of employers that include a consultant, a contractor and an asset owner would be sufficient to provide the full range of experience necessary for a student to learn from.

This employment hub concept depicts a possible framework for ITPs and employers to  manage learners through an Industry Sponsored Pathway (Note: this is not the only rout available to learners).

Key features:

  • Industry bodies commit to participation in a local “employment hub”.
  • Learners move between employment roles provided by Hub members.
  • Employers provide a stipend and time release for learners to allow them to complete their studies.
  • Employers provide appropriate project opportunities for learners.
  • Employers provide workplace mentoring for learners.
  • ITPs manage enrolment and learning pathways for each individual learner.
  • ITPs provide a “learning manager” to work with each learner and ensure projects and work undertaken comply with BEngTech course requirements.
  • ITPs provide learning opportunities as required for learners to complete all courses. These opportunities are to reflect section 7 (Learning, Teaching, and Assessment) of this document.
  • ITPs organise and facilitate “gateway” events where industry members, ITPs and learners meet together. Learners present their projects (A,B, and C) and are assessed on their readiness to either enter the next block of the pathway or graduate.

Industry Sponsored Degree Pathway Employment Hub Concept

Industry Sponsored Degree Pathway: Employment Hub Concept


Hub Coordinators

The hub coordinators role is to ensure the smooth running of the in-work part of the degree.

This would include:

  • Visiting each apprentice on a regular basis
  • Arranging meetings between apprentices and tutorial staff
  • Arranging the rotation of apprentices between organisations
  • Attending workshops and facilitating the mentoring process within industry
  • Dealing with any problems that might arise

Developing an industry sponsored Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree in asset management

The delivery of a Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree apprenticeship in asset management


Financial Cost


The table below shows the expected costs per apprentice. In this model, the company would pay the student a minimum wage based on the recommended minimum wage for apprentices ($13.20 per hour) and also pay the study fees at the start of the apprenticeship.

This payment would be stepped up to a minimum BEngTech starting salary of $60,000 p.a., after completion of the End Point Assessment. Pay increases would be based on objective evaluations of achievement at two evaluation gateways embedded in the degree.


Stepped salary scale, based on 2019 fees and on current starting salary for the BEngTech (Civil)


Successful Completion of Gateway 1

Successful Completion of Gateway 2

Successful Completion of The End Point Assessment

Salary (annual)  (16.50 / h x 30h x 52 weeks  OR 13.20 / h x 37.50h x 52 weeks )










Total Investment for each apprentice pa.





Hub Coordinators

In order to ensure the smooth running of each hub, a part time (estimated 0.4 role) person should be employed to co-ordinate hub activities. It is proposed that in the first year of operation, the TEC be asked to fund this position and thereafter, the costs are carried and shared by industry. Assuming that this would be around $40,000 p.a., a hub with four industry partners would only need to contribute $10,000 and obviously the more partners there are the more cost-effective this would be.


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