Group Learning Brings Trailer Back to Life

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The Wellington Trades Academy Automotive and Engineering programme went through a major revamp last year with programmes now having a much stronger focus on group learning. 

For programme tutor Stewart Doherty the best way for students to participate in group learning is through teamwork, “I feel that preparing students for work readiness requires teamwork development and often tasks targeted to unit standard performance criteria don’t address this.”

This year’s student’s got to work on a really cool group learning project involving the restoration of an 11-year-old custom built trailer. For five full days, our 16 students brought this old Holden Rodeo Ute tray back to its former glory. This restoration project gave our students a chance to put their skills into practice and learn what it was like to work in a team environment.

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Through this project, they had to repair dents, weld cracks, re-rivet the toolbox. As well as this they had to ensure the trailer was protected by applying a rust kill product and by spraying on a protective stone guard coating. The trailer was also primed and sprayed.

Projects like this help our students get ready for the workplace by using their skills on real-world projects and by getting familiar with working in a team.

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