IT Graduating Students Showcase Complete ANZ Disaster Recovery Application

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Four students completing their final year of the Bachelor of IT have banded together and worked on the ANZ Disaster Recovery Application since July this year.

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Members of the Project-X team – Phuc Hong Pham, Kiran Patel, Danak Chea and Vijay Amargalinggam – enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree in 2016. Sponsored by ANZ, the digital disaster recovery application is a web application aimed at assisting the organisation in recovering their systems in the event of a disaster. The application contains and provides crucial system information, live-updating dashboards, notification systems, task management, user authentication and report generation. The application is cloud-based to ensure that multiple users can access the system at any given time, and that data remains unharmed and secured.

Over the three years of their degree studies, the project team worked together on smaller projects which improved their communication skills and ability to work well as a team. Kiran and Vijay have been interns with ANZ since March. They met their project client, James Braid, Disaster Recovery Manager who was keen to support the project. The team approached the development by prioritising the main requirements of the application, using Agile “SCRUM” to organise the development sprints and tasks. Using this methodology allowed for flexibility and planning and regular client and consultant feedback.

James met with the project team weekly, which enabled him to follow closely with the progress of the project. The team gave credit to their client who fully supported their endeavours and pushed for them to produce the web application (which ultimately aids ANZ in their goal to improve disaster recovery processes). The project team also acknowledged Glenda Shaw, the IT project coordinator at Wellington Institute of Technology, who encouraged a comprehensive paper-trail in the form of their capstone project documentation.

The project was completed on time and met all the requirements. The team appreciated the support from their project advisor, Chalinor Baliuag, senior academic staff member. Chalinor provided positive feedback and steered the team in the right direction, coaching them to overcome obstacles and look for answers outside the set boundaries.

The motivation for the project team was to strive for good grades that they could show to future employers. Phuc taught himself to deliver graphical interface using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, and the team used C# as their programme language. The project team used the Agile methodology which worked well with their brief and met the client’s requirements.

Reflecting on their three years of study at Wellington Institute of Technology, the team expressed that they have enjoyed the ride and learnt a lot from their tutors.



Final year student projects for Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Information Technology, Diploma in Architectural Technology and Graduate Diploma students from engineering and IT are to be showcased to the public on Tuesday 13 November at Wellington Institute of Technology, Petone campus. 

The projects, which represent more than 450 hours of each student’s time, have been completed in partnership with industry as part of student’s final year of study.  Depending on the size of the company or organisation, the projects are undertaken with research and development specialists and teams, or with individual managers who are seeking to improve processes or have new and original ideas applied to their business.

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