Teaching staff changes confirmed

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Whitireia and WelTec have announced changes to ensure their teaching staff numbers are the appropriate size to deliver programmes next year.

“Like many other polytechnics, our student enrolments have fallen in the past five years due to a range of factors including high employment. We are funded on the number of students, not the number of courses we offer. With fewer students, we must review our resourcing,” said Chris Gosling, Chief Executive.

The institutes presented proposals to teaching staff in late July. Staff had one month to provide feedback on the proposals. Today the institutes have advised staff of the final decisions.

“In response to staff feedback, fewer teaching positions will be disestablished than was originally proposed. The original proposal was to disestablish 72 full-time equivalent (FTE) roles. This has been reduced to 55 FTE roles after considering staff input.”

“Decisions about the level of staffing resourcing needed have been made after careful consideration of the need to ensure that teaching quality standards and accreditation requirements are fully met. As a result of these changes, overall student to tutor ratios will be in line with the majority of the ITP sector.”

Mr Gosling said today’s decisions were an important part of the year-long change programme he put in place at the start of 2019 to ensure Whitireia and WelTec were strong and sustainable. There is one last staff change planned under the change programme to align the institutes’ management structure.

“We remain committed to providing relevant education serving the needs of local employers and students. Our communities can be confident they’ll continue to have access to a wide variety of quality vocational education programmes.”

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