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At the 2018 WelTec Graduation on Wednesday, WelTec and ANZ acknowledged the outstanding achievements of two Bachelor of Information Technology graduates, Shanini Kumari and Erik Poulsen.

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Shanini was recognised as the ANZ top female student in IT for 2018 and Erik was awarded the ANZ Most Outstanding Student. "This award carries lots of value to me. It is recognition that the decision I took three years back to shape my career in IT was correct. An award likes this gives me strength and a sense of responsibility to keep moving towards my goals with full determination and honesty," says Shanini.

“The recognition is important because it helps motivate students to learn and apply themselves more. It really drives them to look deeper into what they are learning and gain a better understanding of what they are trying to achieve within the courses they are taking. The recognition from ANZ, in particular, shows students that big companies are watching and paying attention to the students coming out of WelTec. The effort the students put in is able to attract the attention of these companies and will help them find jobs when they are graduating,” says Erik.

Chris Rutter, Head of Technology ANZ, offered his warmest congratulations to Erik and Shanini. “These two talented information technology graduates are the next generation of high performing technologists.”

At ANZ we recognise that technology is pervasive and an integral part of every business. By encouraging people to pursue a career in technology, we are investing in skills that not only meet the needs of our own business, but those of the wider New Zealand economy.

“ANZ is proud to recognise top technology talent through these two awards, and to demonstrate our deep commitment to developing careers in the technology industry.”

The opportunities within the technology sector are significant says Mary Proctor, Head of the School of IT at WelTec and Whitireia. “Technology is a vital part of the world today. It is the fastest growing and third biggest industry sector in New Zealand, contributing more than $6.3 billion in annual exports.”

“New Zealand technology graduates are a key part of our local economy and WelTec is at the forefront of building this capability. Both within New Zealand, and internationally, there are exciting opportunities for our graduates.”

ANZ has partnered with WelTec since 2015, growing careers in technology through these awards and annual internships. ANZ is providing seven WelTec IT degree students with internship opportunities in 2018.

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