Dr Diane Strode appointed to TEC panel

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Dr Diane Strode, School of Information Technology, has been appointed as a panel member to the Mathematical and Information Sciences and Technology (MIST) panel for the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) 2018 Quality Evaluation.

This evaluation is undertaken by the Tertiary Education Commission every six years. Diane’s research expertise encompasses the development of information systems, empirical software engineering (i.e. studies of software development processes), and information technology project management.

This is a very prestigious appointment for Diane. The TEC received over 630 nominations for less than 250 panel positions available, with currently six appointments from the ITP sector. The appointments cover a range and balance of expertise, a mix of new and previous members, a balance of New Zealand-based and international members, and representation from across different tertiary education sectors and other research organisations. The full list of PBRF panellists is available on the TEC website.

Diane would like to acknowledge Dr Lisa Wong, Senior Research Advisor, Research and Innovation, for the nomination and for supporting the application.

dr diane strode TEC appointment

Dr Diane Strode

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