Before You Arrive

Want to know what to do before you start your study? Follow the links below.

How are you paying your fees?

You need to pay your fees or make arrangements to pay them before starting your course.

Fees Free

If you haven’t already, check out your Fees Free eligibility at and use the ‘Provider Based Study’ option. If you believe that you are eligible for Fees Free, but you receive a statement from us showing there are fees to pay, you will have to apply to have your Fees Free status confirmed, by completing the Statutory Declaration process at You need to have your National Student Number (NSN) handy when you do this.

Contact us or come and see us on campus if you have any concerns or queries.



 0800 935 832 (0800 WELTEC)

 How to pay

 0800 944 847

 How to pay



If you plan to pay your fees by Student Loan and/or apply for a Student Allowance, you need to apply online at The online application will help you work out what you are entitled to.

What StudyLink offers:

  • Student Loan: a loan to pay your fees, course costs and a weekly payment if you cannot get a Student Allowance.
  • Student Allowance: a weekly payment that you do not need to pay back. You have to meet particular criteria to be eligible.
  • Other assistance: the online application will work out if you are eligible for anything else (e.g. accommodation, disability, childcare).

It can take up to 4 weeks for fees to be paid and Student Allowance or Living Costs payments to be arranged, so be sure to apply early. Your first weekly StudyLink payment will be made to you in the second week of your programme – so make sure you’ve got enough money to cover all your expenses, including travel, for your first couple of weeks. Our Student Helpdesks can help you with your StudyLink application.


Compulsory Student Services Fee

A compulsory Student Services fee is charged to help fund the costs of delivering important services to students. This is included in your fees invoice. Find out more on our Whitireia or WelTec information pages.



Whitireia and WelTec have a range of scholarships on offer, please visit our scholarships pages here:


Academic Calendar

Key Dates: 

28th February 2020 End of Trimester Three
2nd March 2020 Start of Trimester One
26th June 2020 End of Trimester One
13th July 2020 Start of Trimester Two
6th November 2020 End of Trimester Two
9th November 2020 Start of Trimester Three

See the full Whitireia calendar or WelTec calendar.


Changing your study

If you are a domestic student, and you decide to change your programme or courses, you may do so without penalty within the withdrawal period stated on your enrolment contract.  The exact time period depends on your course. You should discuss options with your tutors and contact the Enrolments team (Whitireia or WelTec) for a withdrawal or transfer form.

If you choose to withdraw from your programme of study after the withdrawal date has passed, you will not receive a full refund and your academic transcript will show a fail grade.

Find out more on transferring or withdrawing at Whitireia or WelTec.

If you are an international student, different rules apply and can be found in the International student withdrawal and refund policy. For help and information, contact the International Student Support team.


Finding your own accommodation

There are student noticeboards at all campuses where students advertise for flatmates. Alternative sites to find flats and rental accommodation are: and and local flatmates wanted groups on Facebook.

For more information about the rules around flatting and renting, see the New Zealand Tenancy Service

We can support you to find temporary or emergency accommodation if necessary – see the Student Helpdesks.