Safety & Security

Health and safety

You have a responsibility to not cause harm to any other person, either by something you do, or something that you fail to do. Please ensure that you declare any medical issues when you enrol, so we know how to help you. It is also your job to be familiar with emergency exits and any safety rules applied to classrooms/workshops that you’re working in. This includes being suitably and practically dressed for your study environment, wearing safety glasses, prescribed footwear and/or protective clothing as required.

ALL CAMPUSES ARE SMOKEFREE because we support a healthy work and study environment for all. This means that no person is permitted to smoke on any campus, which includes all buildings or parts of buildings, land holdings and perimeters (including car parks and green spaces) that are under our management.

For more detailed information:

Taikura B6.1 Health, Safety and Sustainability

Taikura A5 R1 Student Rights and Responsibilities


Emergency Processes

Our staff are trained in emergency and disaster preparedness. Please follow all directions from staff to ensure safety regulations are met.


If you discover a fire, dial 111 and make your way to the nearest emergency exit. Assemble in the designated area away from the building and do not re-enter the building until you have been told it is safe by staff.

Natural Disasters

In the event of an earthquake we advise you to drop, cover and hold. Following the incident, please follow directions from staff.

In the event of an evacuation, alert others, listen to and follow instructions, leave bulky items behind and exit the building via the emergency exits. During any emergency do not attempt to use the lifts and do not attempt to carry others down the stairs. Keep fire/smoke stop doors closed at all time. 

Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses

If you need medical help for an accident or other emergency, report it immediately to a staff member who will take action. For any serious medical emergency, call 111 immediately.

To report an accident, incident or a near-miss, contact a staff member who will use our online forms to report.


We want you to be safe and secure while you are studying with us. This is the reason we provide security services on campus, and ask that you carry your student ID card with you at all times.

In any emergency please dial 111 and ask for either Police, Ambulance or Fire.

On-Site Security:


6am - 11pm, Mon-Fri

10am - 7pm, Sat-Sun

021 240 2077
Porirua  6am - 11pm, Mon-Fri 027 223 6298  

Te Kāhui Auaha

Hospitality (Cuba)

6am - 11pm, Mon-Sun

4pm - 11pm, Mon-Sun

027 243 3677

027 584 4331

If you have any general concerns about security at WelTec or Whitireia, please email the Security Manager.