Tips & Tricks for Success


  1. Get connected - Jump onto the WiFi with your devices. Follow your campus or School on social media to keep up with what’s happening.
  2. Know what’s coming up – Grab a 2020 wall planner from your Student Helpdesk. Make sure you write your upcoming assignments and exams on your calendar too.
  3. Get to know your campus – Check out our campus maps and find your ideal study spot! Find out where all your important people hang out.
  4. Get involved – the Student Council (Porirua) and Student Connection (Petone) are here to represent you as a student, not to mention some awesome events to get involved in!
  5. Ask for help when you need it - with your course, your finances, your personal issues – our support staff are ready and waiting for you. Come see the Student Helpdesk to book a kōrero with us.
  6. Feel supported – Our on-campus LGBT+ group Rainbow Rendezvous is here to help all members and allies of the rainbow community. Come see the Student Helpdesk to get in touch with them.
  7. Keep moving – Our free bus services run between Porirua, Petone, and the CBD during Trimesters 1 & 2. Just present your student ID to the driver.
  8. Keep energized – We offer free breakfast and hot drinks for students. Check out the student hub at Porirua and Petone campus, or Level 3 at Te Auaha to start your day right.
  9. Keep healthy and balanced – Some free health services, free counselling: the Student Helpdesk will connect you.
  10. Have fun with your classmates and tutors - remember you all share a common passion and want to excel together.


  1. Before class – be prepared! Do the readings, watch the videos, bring your gear and your notes and anything else you need. Be on time.
  2. During class – sit where you can see and hear, and ask questions. Eliminate distractions like your phone: you will get more out of class if you focus. Make sure you understand instructions before you leave and ask your tutor or a peer if needed.
  3. After class – review, revise and practise regularly.
  4. Find your best study techniques – be active, work with your strengths, and find the best time and place to study.
  5. Manage your time – plan your study, stick to the plan, and include some breaks and leisure time.
  6. Move beyond procrastination – break complex tasks down into smaller ones, and remember to stick to your study plan!
  7. Assignments need planning – start early, get help when you need it, and expect to rewrite more than once. Learning advisors and librarians are great resource people for helping with assignments.
  8. Be committed – you get out of the course what you put into it. Staff are here to help, but you need to do the work. Kia kaha!