It's practical and applied

You’ll work on real-world scenarios and get opportunities to partner with businesses. Work alongside company owners assisting them with their business plans. Perfect your skills by helping firms manage different projects.

You're a name, not a number

You’ll learn in small classes and your tutors really care about your success. They’ll know you by name and be with you each step of the way. It's something our students really value.

Support from experienced tutors

Your tutors have experience in managing businesses and working in different industries. They’ll give you real-world advice and share practical know-how that will boost your business acumen.

Start at your level. You can always choose to go further

Whether you choose a 17-week office admin course, a one-year diploma or the three-year degree, you'll gain real skills.

Better yet, you can easily go from one level to another.

Our programmes build on each other. If you start doing a diploma in business and then decide you want to go further, you can use those papers to count towards a Bachelor of Applied Business Management degree.

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