Accounting Strands Courses

BUS5205 Accounting Processes - (15 credits) 
To enable you to process the financial transactions of a small business using up to date accounting software, and to prepare a bank reconciliation to validate cash processes 
BUS5206 Financial Statements - (15 credits) 
To enable you to examine and apply accounting concepts, to prepare financial statements for a small business on an ongoing basis and to apply accounting tools to manage risk.  
BUS5207 Budgeting and Taxation - (15 credits) 
To introduce you to preparing and using budgets as a management tool to monitor the performance of a business entity, and to applying tax rules for small businesses and individuals. 
BUS5208 Decision Making and Analysis - (15 credits) 
To enable you to calculate, interpret and analyse financial information to assist with decision making and risk management. 

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