Bachelor of Addiction Studies

Help people with addictions. Learn from best practice research study areas such as criminal justice and abuse. Gain evidence-based skills to work in partnership with a wide range of other professionals.

New students wishing to study Counselling please see Bachelor of Counselling and Addiction Practice

This programme is not open to new enrolments. All current full time students will continue in their current programme of study.  We will work with all current part-time students to ensure a transition plan is in place.

What will you learn:

  • Gain an integrated understanding of the theory and practical application of addictions
  • Learn strategies to assess and treat clients with addiction related disorders
  • Become competent in the assessment and treatment of clients with both complex mental health and addiction disorders
  • Analyse and critically evaluate the philosophies and practice frameworks of prevention and health promotion in addition to a variety of research based theories on substance use, misuse and addictions
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the classification of pharmacological and psychotropic drugs
  • Learn best practice in relation to conducting a risk assessment
  • Develop your ability to apply evidence-based counselling approaches
  • Gain an understanding of cultural models of health and well-being and cultural responsibility when working with clients with a vary range of beliefs and values

Professional supervision

Students will be required to engage in:

Professional Supervision (at a cost of between $50 - $120 per hour)
12 hours of professional supervision in Year 2 
12 hours of professional supervision in Year 3

These costs are not included in the course fee and are paid to the agency/individual that provides this service. Travel to clinical practice courses will also need to be budgeted for by the student.

Recognised qualification

The programme aims to provide graduates with the practitioner competencies and values of the Drug and Alcohol Practitioners’ Association Aotearoa–New Zealand (dapaanz).

Career options:

Opportunities exist in addiction, alcohol, and drug services. District Health Boards, public health, non-government organisations. Social, health and community agencies. Specialised addictions opportunities are also emerging in justice roles and in  services such as opioid treatment.

  • Addiction Worker
  • Case Manager
  • Policy Advisor
  • Substance Abuse Counsellor

Entry Criteria

Only returning students can apply to re-enrol for this programme. Please contact us if you need further information.

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