New Zealand Certificate in Construction Trade Skills (Level 3) Welding

Develop your welding skills and gain industry-recognised welding standards. The demand for structural welding skills is growing, which could lead to better paid jobs. Most of your time will be spent in workshops and engaged in practical projects.

Most of your time will be spent in workshops and engaged in practical projects. You’ll study at WelTec three days a week, which includes a half-day theory class.


What you will learn

  • Grow your welding skills
  • Learn different types of welding and cutting processes
  • Gain experience with light to heavy welding (up to 12mm thick)
  • Develop your hand-eye coordination
  • Understand health and safety requirements
  • Completing this programme allows you to gain skills to sit one or more of the following welding tickets (fees apply):
    • AS/NZ 2980 Manual Metal Arc Welding
    • AS/NZ 2980 Gas Metal Arc Welding


Career options

Job opportunities exist in mechanical engineering, light to heavy fabrication, marine industry, construction with steel framing, building and earthquake strengthening work.


Entry criteria

Open entry. Introductory programme with no prior knowledge of welding required.

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