Engineering labs

At WelTec, you'll get practical engineering skills. You'll have numerous opportunities to use equipment and lab gear.

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Our fully-equipped engineering workshop has a range of equipment:

  • CNC machines (including a circuit board engraving machine)
  • 3D printers
  • thermoforming machine
  • Avery tensile testing machine (to do things like test the strength of materials such as concrete)
  • Mitsubishi robot in our mechatronics lab
  • mini robots
  • hydraulic training equipment
  • pneumatic boards with 24 volt PLC controls
  • Plus machines to do hardness testing, impact testing and fatigue testing.

Our computer equipment includes a separate network of computers to do isolated tests, processing and programming.


Engineering labs are located in our Petone campus at 21 Kensington Avenue, Petone.



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